Friday, 23 August 2013

career in Footwear

Footwear Designing
Footwear is an important part of one’s total look. Shoes have been fascinating us from our early days. In the present world of high fashion and beauty consciousness, a person’s image is defined by the kind of clothes and shoes they wear. Recently, there is an increase in demand and choice for footwear that has led to a spurt in the number of companies including some international players, dealing with footwear production and export. Now-a-days footwear is made from leather, plastic, canvas, jute, rubber and even cloth. The footwear industry has evolved tremendously involving the use of sophisticated machinery and skilled manpower. Thus, footwear designing technology as of today is a lucrative career option. And it is important area of fashion. Designers of footwear create designs for a company. Generally famous and evolving brands innovate footwear through design, material and market research. In India the profession has became challenging as it blends the sensitivity of a designer and the artisan capabilities of the cobbler. Footwear Designers create new styles of footwear, and sometimes new uses for particular designs. Keeping in mind the popular demand in the markets and also the demands of individual clients, Footwear Designers design various kinds of shoes. Footwear Designers also design shoe collections for leading footwear companies. Patterns are made and graded by them, according to which companies produce samples. Computer aided design systems have now made the entire process mechanised
Eligibility for Footwear Designing
Various kinds of Footwear Design & Technology courses are available in India. Under-graduate, Post-graduate, Diploma and Certificate courses are available in footwear design. Minimum qualification for under-graduate Diploma or certificate courses in footwear design is 10+2 pass with any subject. To pursue a Post-Graduate Diploma is footwear design one must be a graduate in any stream of education. Admission into most of these courses is made through entrance exams. However, footwear technology courses are offered as B.Tech/M.Tech programme which are only open to science/engineering students. Who wish enter in this field he should have good manual dexterity, as well as a flair for fashion and foresight regarding upcoming trends in the industry. The ability to draw or sketch ideas on paper is important, as that's usually the chosen medium for communicating these ideas to those in charge of production. Creativity, imagination and good communication skills are also vital for success in this career.
Job Prospects for Footwear Designing
They are hired by footware design and manufacturing companies. They are also hired by the fashion houses or they may freelance the work. The opportunities for a foot wear designer are increasing every day. Once you establish yourself as a reliable designer you can freelance and earn handsomely or you can join any leading brands and go up in the ladder and reach top position in the company.

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